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Robyn Hussa, MFA, E-RYT(200) has taught yoga, movement, dance, voice and acting techniques for more than 20 years.  

-- Yoga and Eating Disorders (2016, Routledge)
-- Meditation and Mindfulness Workshops for Eating Disorder Recovery
-- Healthy Selfitude -- Practical Techniques for Self-Acceptance

Live workshops:
NOURISH classes are now held online at b: and in NYC and South Carolina.  These fun classes are a blend of arts and mindfulness techniques to help participants find balance in myriad of ways.  Learn more at

Yoga for Recovery

Robyn has specially crafted mindfulness and yoga practices for individuals and families journeying through recovery from addictions or eating disorders.


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Love yourself in stillness, love yourself everywhere. 
~Robyn Hussa

"In Robyn's class, I was not only allowed, but invited to be who I am. I didn’t have to struggle or drop my guard; it happened so naturally I didn’t notice.   And there was never a need to compete or compare; simply time to explore."


"Yoga eased me back into my body and it showed me that I could create something beautiful again."

"When my husband and I started yoga with Robyn, neither of us had had much exposure beyond a class here and there.  What my husband tells me he most appreciated was that he had no 'in the back of his mind' fear of injury or pain."

"There were times in Robyn's class, when I was elsewhere…transported to a place of calm and peace, and privacy and trust."

“We consistently received outstanding feedback about Robyn’s yoga classes from our patients and it was perceived as a key, therapeutic part of our program.  

It is no surprise that last year, Robyn received the Champion in Women’s Health Award from the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation, nor that the national nonprofit organization which she founded (NORMAL In Schools) continues to receive overwhelming critical, educational and therapeutic commendation on a national scale."  

~Larry Lenz
Director of Business Operations
Aurora Psychiatric Hospital

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